Out of bed or in it?

Depression is a menace. I talk so frequently about depression and mental health because I understand that there are a lot of people around the world who might be suffering from this disease that slowly sits in their mind and starts to consume them. I’ve been at the receiving end of it for 6 months […]


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I’ll take this day to tell you about the woman who shaped me into the person I am today. For the first 15 years of my life, I feared my mother more than I feared my father which is very unlikely in an Indian household. My mother was a very strict and uncompromising woman who […]

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The F word.

The text in the above image was written by me and this is my personal opinion. I’m not referring to all men here because I personally have had the privilege to be good friends with men who were feminists. However, I am vociferously referring to a LOT of men. The only F word that shuns […]

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My idea of an idea!

I want to write something beautiful today because I feel beautiful with all this make up and nice outfit I’m wearing( No kidding, I’m attaching pictures for you to see). I want to write an idea that creates magic and flows like rainbow bubbles all over your headspace. I want to write something that touches […]

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That damn mind.

There is only one way to become a hero-You have to save their life. Um, I save my own, day after day. But does that count too? My pale arms have become a little canvas for silver blades that love all the crimson red that flows through my body. I stand at the balcony, smoking […]

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The miles between us!

The following post is a work of fiction. I’ve written this imagining a couple whose relationship is following apart and how hard they’re trying to hold on. The words I throw at you when I’m ablaze with anger stay with me. They break on my tongue like a glass house and sometimes, I swallow the […]

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If all falls down?

Some days you wake up and everything starts to feel overbearing. You feel like the the sky will develop cracks and come down on you and so, you spend the entire day worrying about it. Whether you’re watching a movie or having a hilarious conversation with a friend or reading something beautiful, your heart is […]

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Over time I’ve learned that there is always going to be someone who will look for the flaws in you, put them on a rock and throw at your face so that you bleed of self-loathing and start demeaning yourself. I’ve learned that you can never be enough for someone even if you put your […]

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Jingle bells!

Guess who tried being in santa’s shoes and fulfilled a few wishes? I’ll keep the christ from Christmas. I hope the following year is a period of wonderful transformation in your lives. May you live in a healthy body and your family becomes the happiest in the world. May you have a beautiful mind and […]

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