1984 : Book review

The book 1984 written by George Orwell is a rare dystopian specimen that is set within the realms of Oceania. It is a classic in writing and background.
Written in second person point of view, the story largely revolves around the ‘The Party’ led by Big Brother, who probably does not exist. The party is extricated into three parts, The first being the Inner party or the greater authorities and privileged one’s, the Second being the Outer party or the workers and the third is Proletarians who are the savaged powerless workers. The entire party operates on the ideologue presented by the visionary ubiquitous Big Brother.
Every person is under strict audio visual surveillance under the famous slogan :
Big brother is watching you”.

The protagonist Winston Smith is a member of the Outer party in the Ministry of Truth where he is busy skillfully rewriting the past in his monotony, however, he is a rebel and hates the party in his mind.
He falls in love with another of his kind, Julia and practices adultery and love affair without the knowledge of the party.
  Smith and Julia are betrayed by O’brein who claims to a party hater and later turns out to be a party loyalist who puts them behind the bars. They are castigated and tortured in every way possible with a motive of generating love for Big Brother and deploying hatred from the conscious and subconscious of the deadwoods.
Towards the end, both Julia and Smith are seen to have betrayed each other and Winston finally, starts to love Big Brother. This is a recuperation of the party’s victory over Smith’s foundational hatred.

The naive concepts such as THOUGHT CRIMES and NEWSPEAK have been introduced. Thought Crime refers to the deviation of thought of an individual from the party’s tyranny and Newspeak refers to the curtailing of old words, shrinking the language and generation of new words in order to impose greater control of the party.

I984 has been listed among the ‘Must read books’ and is one of the greatest literatures of all times. http://bookreview1984


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