Religion : Disintegrating young minds.

H for hindu, M for muslim, S for sikh and C for Christian.
Isn’t this a whole new “A, B, C, D…” for the younger generations that reside within the realms of existing prejudices based on religion?
As could be observed in the surveys conducted by some NGO’s across the country, the children below the age of 8 tend to inherit the pre existing religious sympathies and hatred based on the behavior of their parents and other family members whereas in some other cases, they are continuously talked into intolerance for other religion vociferously. 
But one thing that the parents forget is that Their children will be the driving force of the country in the near future and so long a country is busy fighting its internal convolutions, progress is a far fetched dream. Not only in the rural areas but even in highly robust urban societies, the children are trying to outshine each other rather than building unity.
And our Politicians are talking about World Peace and conflagration of Terrorism, little do they realise that they are with their own tainted hands creating terrorists. They are raising self destruction with vexed principals that will grow up to blow their own foundations.

Where there is an example of a young muslim girl winning a Gita based contest, there is a counter balancing example of some muslim leaders talking against the practice of Yoga in schools as it is capable of hurting Islamic sentiments. 
But who are we securing? And what would be left of the burning wood logs? Just the ashes and dust. The dust will vanish into thin air and the ashes would set ablaze the eye itself.
Setting and fulfilling political agenda’s in the name of religion and Even more, using tender minds as a weapon for the accomplishment of the cynical task stands as one of greatest issues in the country. And when? At the time of globalisation. 
In a country where even Nationalism is not understood, what good will Globalization do?

Young minds can be moulded in whatever way we guide them. Then why  make Ajmal Kasab when you can make Mahatma Gandhi?


4 thoughts on “Religion : Disintegrating young minds.

  1. Its always said “Home is the child’s first school ” and how true it is 🙂 Over the years living in different parts of my country have made me realize so many things 🙂 The above four religions are just the broadcasted division ..we divide our self on the mere distance of 100 miles 🙂 Its high time we come out of shackles of R division and make our country a better country and so that our children could proudly say that we are Indian rather then saying “Religion” or a “Region” 🙂


  2. Firstly Ajmal kasab was’nt indian

    A true muslim can never b a terrorist & a terrorist can never b a muslim.

    V indian muslims loves india rather than any indian because v r indian by choice…v didnt migrated to pakistan or bangladesh.


  3. Well…u have constructed nicely your thoughts …i like few of them not all …i dissagree respectfully …
    Religion is notta problem …the real problem is ppl’s thinking …religion taught us integrity tolerance and harmony … and dont forget Mahatma Gandhi was himself a man of faith


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