Right to Expression : Denied.

The constitution of India, drafted 68 years ago, categorically laid down a number of fundamental rights guaranteed to every individual irrespective of caste, colour, creed or gender. RIGHT TO EXPRESSION was one of the significant rights, the reason why I use ‘was’ is quite evident by all of us, Isn’t it?
  Attention should also be drawn to the fact that enforcement and enactment are two different things altogether, so no matter how many more policies, laws and codes be drafted by the authorities,  progress is a far fetched dream because we either apathise, contradict or slay them mercilessly.

The last decade has been inciting attacks on Journalists, Media persons and Authors, and the sattire is, the attacks come from those who are the guardians of these fundamental rights of expression, and if not attacking, they are the ones backing  those who are directly involved. So do we stop here?
The journalists who are expected to report the events without a bias, who have an unforgiven right to be critical if and when needed, is it an end to them?
   What are we implicating, Authoritarian rule?
Media stands as the fourth pillar of democracy, but little is left of it, and who is to blame? It is the only medium that is capable of connecting the diaspora to the one’s who are answerable. But unfateful as it is, it is rhetorically murdered, or worse, silenced. Sometimes a Journalist is set ablaze by Policemen and sometimes, a number of rounds are fired on him, just because he was critical about one of the ministers in power. And in some cases, authors like Perumal Murugan are silenced for life and forced to withdraw. And if its a woman, they go on and rape her. How convenient, isn’t it?  People like you and I, flip pages of a newspaper, gasp and keep it back. My heart goes out to them who work like cattles day and night to deliver us the authenticity that we deserve.

The IT act was the specimen of one such debilitating step taken my government, popularly termed as article 66A, which gave the administration, the power to sack and punish those who went out to express themselves via a device, however, long live those who did not back it submissively.

The country who stands as the world’s largest democracy bows to the feet of denial of expression. And what has to be done now?
We demand an answer.
It is sad how one has an undisputed right over depriving an author of writing,  a journalist of reporting and us of expressing fearlessly.
Are we not matching foot and shoulders to the countries like Pakistan, where there is little or no freedom to expression?
What is this footfall about?

Infrastructure, Economy, Public life and all the related paradoxes have to be kept in work in coherence with the media. Isn’t that how is it supposed to be? Then why the media dictatorship?


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