What you want.

There is a credulous search of happiness all around us, jostling around to find more of yourself in matter, and most of all in every person you meet.
  It is rather sad how you would expect that there exists more of you, outside of you. You are a silo of solidarity, an archetype of guidance and light then why do you have to follow footsteps that lead to hinterlands?

When you stop revolving around the perimeter of what others want from you, you start to live a life that is perilously astonishing. Stepping out of the barriers of your comfort zone and imbibing all of what life is. Some consortiums can wait, atleast until you don’t want any of what you want.

Dreams are fun to chase when they are your own. Set your goals and exterminate everything that puts you back, reach for what you want because every second passing is registering history. Blame only yourself, take all the responsibility in the world but DO IT.

It is sad how you would try to find happiness in white vine all your life and enamour vodka instead. Even sadder how you would bunk the warm bonhomie of that night at the back porch of your friend’s apartment and eat dinner with your girlfriend’s dad.
    Do whatever, try whatever, you will end up uncontended but even then you can choose happiness over obligation and more so, jettison all of the perpetual glitters and run away from all the blinkered expectations. Run so far away, that when you stop, you can see your dreams in front of your eyes as real as your own skin.

Shed your skin, keep transforming and remember, You don’t lose when you have nothing at stake. And defeat no one but your demons, stop blaming the darkness because your demons have the best of you when you start considering them as real. Stop not.


2 thoughts on “What you want.

  1. I agree.
    “Shed your skin, keep transforming and remember, You don’t lose when you have nothing at stake.”
    I have enjoyed your site. Good wisdom and well-written thoughts. I added you to my favorites.


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