Dejected and crestfallen are the words that profoundly portent the augury of the country, or do they?
The country is vindicated with a chernobyl mindset that largely dismantles the growth. When one of the caterpillars move forth, the rest of them serve as thermal blockades but now, the new caterpillar is determinedly moving towards the zenith and there is probably no stopping at all.

Commencement of the ‘Digital week’ has flooded the country with a fervent zeal and enthusiasm. But how far can this prove to be successful?
Designed and drafted under an expertise, the Digital India initiative thrives at integration of the government departments and the public, aiming at an easy availability of services to the masses by reducing the paperwork.
    But living in a world where a 15 year old hacker can put NASA into suspension, how viable is our Cyber Infrastructure? Would Digitalisation survive or die down?

Creation of Digital Infrastructure, Delivery of services digitally and Digital literacy are the three core components of which the concept of Digitalisation is composed. But the facts ostensibly suggest that only a third of India’s population is digitally literate Which thereby limits its access to the initiative, and a creation of Digital Infrastructure needs covering all the roads less travelled.
On one hand where Digitalisation is pertinently evoking job opportunities for about 5 crore people and ensuring transparency, it is also haunted by the risk of hacking and cyber theft. Even the developed countries like United States and Japan couldn’t stay immune to what is called, cyber theft and hacking. Dating back to a few days, US was snubbed and jammed for 21 hours on account of hacking which led to suspension of trains, ATM’s, and other public utilities operated by means of central machinery. In the ethos as such, The Indian government has to design a fool proof plan and blue prints that outrule the Cyber breakdown and theft.

Digital India project is believed to be facilitated by E governance but in a country where e governance is not legalised and recognised, the future of the project seems rocking off. And to add to the plethora, e governance must be accompanied with a foolproof cyber security. And the techies immediately need to address the exigency of E waste management.

When theft of papers could be reported from the Coal and Mine department of the country, digitalisation brings a relief that is short lived, for the hackers are steps ahead of the digital framework and cyber security.

The experts and technocrats have to dig deep holes and dive deep waters to make the initiative a success or it might hit the rock bottom in absolutely no time.
Good luck.


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