The opacity that has been drawn over the generation gap between the teenagers and their guardians is solemnly responsible for the cannibalism of innocence in the crudest ways imaginable. But that’s not it, what’s worse is we punish them instead of our failed parenthood.

We happen to live in a country where talking about sex or meeting the teenage curiosities by resolving all their queries on the sex issue is considered a taboo. And a handful of those sensible parents who go ahead and do it are met with daunting judgements of variances. If not the parents, who is going to guide them?
Who is responsible for saving them the Chernobyl?
The differentiation between a good and a bad touch has to be made clear, and only a closure between the parents and teenagers can augur the same. But the parents try to avoid the discussion as long as they can, or they do not have it at all. Who wants the awkwardness?

Even the young teenage girls, who should be well informed of the menstruation cycle aren’t told of it until they have it for themselves which lands them not only into a pool of undignified, foreign blood but also into a pool of embarrassment. 9 out of 10 girls will narrate their story of utter catastrophe if you ask them.
Where is the responsible motherhood now when your little girls are mocked at?

90% of teenagers derive knowledge on sex via internet and their friends. Well, the information is most precise but does Internet tell them not to try it when they shouldn’t? And the fellow teenagers are mostly provoking them, for they do not understand the consequences of it. And isn’t a little knowledge a dangerous thing?
   If you don’t confront them, they’ll watch porn, fantasise and we are all aware of what they do next. The next is immature meaningless teenage sex, something that ruins their lives. It abandons their innocence and they in turn, are met with drastic lunatic fringes.
Juvenile rapes derive their roots from lack of proper understanding of sex, the urge to try something new, the hampering curiosity and most importantly,lack of parental guidance.
But why is only the Minor blamed?
Why not put the parents behind bars too?
The number of crimes based on teenage sex and like have only seen a high than low in the past many Years including rapes, filming and leaking of sex on the web, forced filming of nudity(women) and severe molestation.

But as long as we keep changing channels on condom advertisements and adult scenes, we cannot expect our teenagers to not engender curiosities based on sex. They’re drawn to things you refuse to share with them. But they have their own ways. And not so good ones.
It is very sad to note how some teenagers do not even know they’re raped, because their parents never told them about it. 

It fills me with an inextricable grief that a country that boasts about the rich culture that it endures is the same country where the transparency in the parent-children relationship has been abolished. We are well aware of what it is doing to the generation we are expectant of, and we toss the thought of it into the dustbin because the culture we boast about doesn’t allow us to have the sex talk.

To every parent who is reading this, I hope you know what you have to do next.


13 thoughts on “THE SEX TALK

  1. Hey dear .. First of all welcome to WP 🙂 A right platform for young writers like you 🙂
    You have written a splendid piece ..I too pondered same thoughts when i was at that young age…I now realize how much maturely i had to act that time 🙂 But not everybody has that easy way 🙂 So i totally agree with you to have sex talk with your teenagers 🙂 A wonderful and educative pieces for all those parents who have teenage kids 🙂


  2. you are absolutely right! sex education should be included in curriculum, maybe they can train teachers to handle these classes with tact but it should be must to save small children and teenagers from predators and embarrassment.


  3. Education in general seems limited in the parent-child relationship these days. Parents are stressed and tired; children are possessed by computers, cell phones and sedentary lifestyles. Lifting our heads out of the sand and recognizing the choice of parenting was ours will hopefully result in a healthier outcome for the family unit.


  4. Don’t feel bad about your confusion. My period started earlier than any of my friends.

    Thankfully, my mother was smart enough to get my the products I needed to move on through life. The school films for girls about puberty didn’t come until over a year later. The films were misleading to my fellow classmates who had not experienced it yet.

    I am hoping I will enter menopause sometime soon. My husband and I decided not to have any children, because I have multiple sclerosis. Officially, it is not hereditary. but my mother’s side of the family has had it for generations. We decided not to curse an innocent child with this problem.

    Wait until YOU are ready to have sex. I was raped by my father, so my husband did not get the gift of my virginity. Wish I could have given it to him.


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