Marital Rape :

India has seen different and all the forms of Male chauvinism over the years, and it has made home in almost all the men of the nation in some way or the other so much that the women force looks sublime.
But who even cares? The victims are the women, specially wives who are in a habit of tolerating perpetual torture of almost all sorts, be it mental abuse, beating or even Rape.
Yes, RAPE.
But how many of us would even acknowledge it as a Rape? The male chauvisnist pigs outsource a licence that allows them legal sex, with or without the consent of the wife. Don’t they?
Non-consensual sex Doesn’t even exist within a marriage because the only consent that matters is that of the husband, the woman, on the contrary, Doesn’t get to choose if/when she wants to have sex.
And what’s more is that the IPC doesn’t even consider non-consensual marital sex as rape and hence, the country Doesn’t criminalize forced sex and molestation within a marriage. Where is NHRC now?
Even after decades of indendence, the woman still doesn’t hold the rights over her own body and more so, they have been accustomed to such misogynistic behaviour for so long that their stance has been subjugated by horrible stories of their own. Even now, the man is not raised an eyebrow on, on account of what he does to his woman within the four walls.
Forcing any individual into sex is a heinous crime and against the human rights of the victim, and therefore should be condemned by the law but as of now, the law doesn’t recognize it as a crime in the first place let alone condemning it.

Also, the concept of non-consensual sex is ruthless. Any form of sex that doesn’t involve the consent of even one of the partners can be holistically termed as RAPE. And Rape has to be punished by law, in all its spirit, irrespective of the fact that it takes place in or outside a marriage. I am so nonplussed to know that a woman is raped not only by her husband but also by her in laws and it is viciously smothered into marital sex, and the voice of the woman is snubbed. And why? Because the law does not have the back of the woman, Because the law Doesn’t concede to protect the integrity of the woman and let it be run over by the male chauvinists in the name of marriage.

As for the arguments forwarded by the judiciary as of why they do not have a law criminalising rape within a marriage, I am appalled, for what they have to say is that the law can be misused to enforce punishments on innocent husbands. But to this, are the law for dowry, attempt to murder, rape(not marital) not misused?
And as it is, it goes without saying that 8 out of 10 women are genuine victims. Then why, why are 2% innocent husbands are considered over the 8% innocent wives? Is this not male chauvinism practiced openly by the lawmakers?

Turning blind eye to the plight of woman is not going to lead them anywhere. A woman is forced into sex every 6 hours in India. Where are the lawmakers now?
What proves do they need?
Would they still need them proves if it were their own daughters?

Wake up Judiciary, you are a pillar of democracy, stop distinguishing democracy for men and women on a bias.
Marital rape has to be criminalised.


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