The Window to my Soul ❤


Every day to the east of my soul,
The window opens with a whirl of a windy crush,
The curtains not pink and lacy,
Give nothing away but a space where you could lean in,
And peep into my soul that’s been saved.

It is worn out and red with all the blood that’s been pumped out to it,
I wonder why it is 63,
My soul is dilly dallying to the sound of the banana leaves,
And conspiring with the ecstasy, of all the things it will never be.

But who is the window to my soul, to forever see?

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12 thoughts on “The Window to my Soul ❤

      1. You know you are great with words try writing more on your heart touching things like your memoirs or experiences 🙂 they will bring more out of you 🙂 because to bring your own life out on a page is the most difficult thing to do 🙂

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