Bubble of Faith 🌌


If anything, faith can be best compared to a bubble. Giving everything away in a tryst, all crystal clear and cardinal. It is empowering and beautiful in semblance. However, greed takes the best of us and we want to touch it, not realising that it is not palpable. And it bursts, leaving nothing behind.
Faith is like that too, just let it be. Don’t try to knit and grit its surface with what It cannot accommodate. It might burst without making a sound.

I can be in awe of faith all my life, not having to look upon anything else but once my faith is usurped, nothing veneers it.

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8 thoughts on “Bubble of Faith 🌌

  1. Faith seems to strengthen the soul. Most people think in terms of religion. Although I believe spiritual faith helps contribute to healthy balance, I also believe faith in oneself is equally important. It adds purpose and meaning to life.


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