Night angel. 🌓


If the night was her armour and the dark her friend, she would dance with her shadows in the hazy dale,
But they told me that she spread her arms at 5 am, inhaled the universe and its morning air.

Night skies seduced her in the way that blew her fantasies like the kite painted red, and she shuddered at the shooting star, knowing it was too early to be late.

She waved at the comets she didn’t see and the moon that disappeared somewhere in the trailing clouds, told herself that it was morning again.

And little did they know, she woke up in the morning daisies and collapsed in the darkest oceanic glare.

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34 thoughts on “Night angel. 🌓

  1. This was quite innovative… Nightingale as the name suggest should be bird singing at night but no it doesn’t it sings at early hours πŸ™‚ And I loved the named Night angel πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey, is everything alright? Did you want to not be in contact with me anymore?

    Did I make you upset? I probably did.

    I wished you a Happy Independence Day. I didn’t think we’d stop talking. Please tell me what’s wrong and add me again. Do I bother you?


      1. Then let’s stay in contact. Not as lovers (or rather “Likers” lol) at first, but rather a kind of friend that’ll see how things go over time.

        Hope all this isn’t really on your site for people to read lol.


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