The blanket of everything ❤


Everything is such a gargantuan word that it makes me wonder if it would be onerous to hold it on my pinky finger or put it in the last pocket of my tattered bag, it makes me feel like it could be cogent enough for my dog to understand, that cute little thing that likes to sit under my chair while I eat my popcorn. I hate how he looks at me while I eat.
But I swear he’s cute.


But wait, we were talking about everything. Doesn’t that sound like the most holistic thing that existed in the history of time, like there is me who’s writing and then there’s you who’s reading and then there’s an astronaut in space. Isn’t that riveting?
And then everything also includes the dents on an american teenage’s car and even the rings around saturn?
Now, does the plurality of everything terrify you?
And what’s scarier is that everything has a number of everything’s into it. Does that make your heart stutter?
To mine, it does strange things.

Okay now, did you ever think that every parallel world that is/is not existent is also ostensibly an ‘everything’?

Is it peculiar to you how every passing second is making up your own personal ‘everything’?
And the fact that every person, even the person down the lane who sells broken chinese dolls also has an everything, does that make your stomach churn?
To me, it makes want to throw up!

Do you know that while I write this and breathe without counting the minutes and seconds that passed, by have registered them into an everything?

Do you think I am weird because I’m talking about everything and not able to explain what is it, in the very first place?

But Isn’t that how everything is?

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23 thoughts on “The blanket of everything ❤

  1. The writing expresses an attitude of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of everything. The transition to eating popcorn and the cute puppy’s expression reduces the act of hyperventilation to simple activity and sentiment. You bring a calmness to an erupting volcano. Very interesting and well done.

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  2. Now that I have read your “Everything” I am thinking of things that have gone in my blanket of everything by this minute 🙂 Sometimes it good to be weird and ask yourself some questions that can give answers and be part of your everything 🙂


  3. Everything you have written resonates with me but are you sure you have covered everything. I’ve tried to list everything I think you should have included but everything that I write seems to have a link to everything you have written so I’ve decided that everything that can be included has been. That’s everything for now. Hoo roo.


  4. It seems like you have a bit of everything running through that bright mind of yours, yet you can tie together all of these things and relate them to all those other things…

    You are quite talented! Never stop writing. Your words are indeed eloquent 🙂


  5. You crack me up. You live up to your name. From the little I have gathered: you appear skilled at transcribing your thoughts. I liked visualizing everything on my pinky. There could only be an objective everything / or there could only be a subjective everything— some say we will never know. I lean on the ladder / and if that were truly the case then the everything in the pinky is spot on if you ask me.

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