Magic? 💖


After all this time, do you believe in magic?
-Yes I do, ofcourse I do.

Okay folks, that’s me on the extreme right in both the pictures. Do you see the utter transformation? Do you?

I logged into WordPress with the intention of writing something very eloquent but words fail me.
Isn’t it uncanny how we do not know it is magic while it is happening?
I mean the process is just a process, the results are everything to make believe a human mind, what’s beautiful is beautiful.

After all these 6 months, today, my laughter has a sound that might brighten the walls of a dead house. My mundane has been transformed into my biggest muse and I do not have the right words to unravel the kind of emotion that is keeping me out of place.

So, I’ll just rant what comes to the tongue of my mind.

My biggest anathema, some 6 months back was the appearance of me in the mirror. You know, sometimes expectations can totally blow you away like a hurricane. My dreams have always been big, I want to join the Military but I weighed 80 kgs, so when I moved out of my parent’s home to pursue higher education, I was a big chunk of meat and I knew at the back of mind that my dreams would come crashing infront of my naive eyes all too soon. My parents tried to counsel me out of the dream due to obvious reasons, to which my mind responded positively but my heart was at war!!
With all the slipshod and haggard, I started studying communication at school. But what do you do when you have a battlefield inside of you?
I did. And it was pretty evident.

6 months passed in an oblivion and extreme flounder. But that’s the thing about dreams, they do not leave you alone if you give them that kind of power. I got myself registered to a gym, a pretty small one with meagre facilities and limited machines because that was all my pocket money could accommodate. I think it is rightly said that everything happens for a reason so on account of fewer machines, I worked out manually. Thanks to the generous trainer. He told me he saw a spark in me and that’s why he felt the urge to help and transform me, however, I do not believe him on this one. He is a great man!
I was managing 6 hours of school with 3 hours of workout. Diet food was a catalyst, but I had to cook by myself because they do not provide you with diet food. Also, I had to do my laundry and other things. And I had to study for school and military, both!

As it is, the most beautiful diamonds are born in the dirtiest of coal mines. My obduracy and persistence worked wonders.
It is as simple as it may sound, to get there, you have to get going. Just concentrate all your energies to the center of your ambition, rest will be taken care of.
Some dreams do not let you sleep, I sleep like a dog to be honest just so I do not miss out on my boxing classes at 5:30 am (Yes, I just started last month).
All you need is an inspiration, and it is leveraging when It comes from the helm of your soul. Yes, inspire yourself.

So, I lost 11 kgs and am still in the midst of the process. 15 more to go!
Also, my stamina quadrupled and I do not feel tired anymore. The mirror image of me allures me all the time and I am a happier person. I am motivated by myself and my ambition.
And above everything, I am proud of myself.

And hey, I’ll try for military after I am done with my communication degree.

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45 thoughts on “Magic? 💖

  1. This is thrilling. I have read all of it; every word. I was held spellbound as I read it. It is inspiring, indeed; a lovely story of someone on her way to the top. I see nothing stopping you. The best is on its way to you, sweet friend. Bravo on your determination! I believe in and admire people who are determined to make the most of their lives. I see a spark of greatness in you; and having worked with thousands of young people over thirty years, I am blessed with the gift of seeing when greatness is on its way to a young person. Keep going. One day the world will hear about you.

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      1. I am so very happy. As my daughter brings tears of joy to my eyes everyday through her excellent performance; so shall you. I thank God for putting excellent people like you and her on my path to make me happy and proud. Thank you for making me part of your life. I shall always be by you.

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      2. Thank you very much. I like it. You are the kind of people I want to live the rest of my life for. One day I will introduce my daughter to you. You will make great friends I believe. She is living far away from us but doing very well. Thanks again for your love. God will always bless you.


  2. Even when the words don’t flow a message of importance is delivered. Congratulations on your awakening and your transformation. Health is a gift you provide to yourself. Many deprive themselves of this. Your quality of life already has improved your overall well being. Wishing you much success on your continued adventure.

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  3. Oh Congratulations girl!!! I might not know you personally but i am so proud of you!!! 👊👊. Dreams do come true and i believe you can do it too. About two years ago now, i embarked on the healthy life style journey and now after loosing all the exrass, i couldn’t be happier. Cheers to a healthier us ☕(am a coffee drinker;)

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  4. You do look so great. More than magic, though–a lot of hard work and persistence! Congratulations. I enjoyed reading about your journey. Keep up the good work–writing and living.


  5. Thank you for coming by my blog and inviting me to yours. I have read three posts and see you are a young woman with dreams which is always such a good and necessary thing to have. Congratulations on your weight loss – it is important to be proud of ourselves and looking and feeling our best goes a long way to helping us achieve this don’t you think? You have a lovely community around you too – they support and cheer you on wonderfully. I too have found this to be such a wonderful aspect of the blogging community. I wish you well as you pursue your dream to do something ‘wonderful for your country’. I have found that life has a wonderful way of allowing our dreams to become reality, though often not in the way we first believe they must 🙂 xoxo


    1. This post has overwhelmed me. I am so glad that you took time to read my blogs and the comments.
      I have dreams and their fulfillment is my ultimate ambition, in whatever way I might.
      Thank you so much for your wishes.
      You are a lovely person.
      I look forward to reading more of you.
      And, you have touched the chords of my heart. ❤


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