From the eye of a camera…


Here’s what the camera thinks :

Relentlessly tossed over to the side hock of her bed,
I am a distinguished piece of her summer break,
I have been laying under the heat of the beach and up on the cupboard, beyond her nephew’s reach.
I’m the light that makes her smile, posing with her best man when she’s walking down the aisle.

Oh but oh, she left me alone,
Why is she weeping with her mother on the phone?
She would not spare me even to her girlfriends, now all she does is use me for her children;
I light up at the broken tooth of her boy but she doesn’t know how I long for her joy.

I was her friend on her romantic beach walk and I swear I loved her frail yellow frock,
Oh but oh, why she tossed me away?
I was to make her smile, while that man was to betray.

Ha! She picked me now to capture a white dress,
Delighted she is to see her bride princess,
Her tears of joy are falling down on my surface, oh my lord, who am I to witness?

The day is falling, she sits on her bedside and holds me close to her chest,
She shudders in a haste, now she’s walking me to the sunset.
Oh and oh, see who’s back again?

Back to the shores and to her I am,
So I rattle tattle and flash! 🙂

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