Midnight Monsters.


The rhythm was blistering, but her feet moved anyway only to run away from the ghosts chasing her. She immediately locked the door as she got home, changed over to the pyjamas’s and crawled to bed, only to find them under covers with her.
But they did not scare her, she knew they were well inside her and that they’ll fall asleep with her. She knew some things just fall asleep with you, you get accustomed to them in a way that they start to feel less like a paranoia and more like your morning coffee, because they’ve stayed as long as you can remember.
But wait, some things shouldn’t have the comfort of your mind to fall asleep. Get rid of them, tonight. You’ll sleep great, I promise.

Ps. I’m volunteering in a very big event, will be off for 4 days. I’ll be back soon. Love to all. xx

Pss. Goodnight. 😉

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13 thoughts on “Midnight Monsters.

  1. Awwww. I will definitely miss you. It seems to me like “she” isn’t running away from the monsters. It’s lime she’s accepted them and I admire that about this post because I believe that’s the first step to conquering them. 🙂

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