My journey to nowhere.


Come with me, hold the soft of my palm and I’ll take you to the end of the horizon. It is the place where the light dissolves into the mouth of the night, bewitching it to be solidarity, where it demands destruction vied with modesty. It is a place located at the downtown of lush green grounds that form elliptical passages from faith to fallacy, and so hollow that the wind of anticipation never passes untouched of the grandeur.

I will show you the corners of my mind that I locked by chains of obligations and necessities, do not be scared if you find blood and darkness there. Do not think you are into a gluttony house, I did not massacre it with knives and stones. Do not touch the walls of those corners, onto those walls are shunned out emotions. Let them be, just watch them sleep. You’ll see they are patched with a peculiar serenity.

Do not turn your face away from me, see the light in my eyes if you can. Look at the subcontinents and oceans that have been locked under the eyelids. Demand of me, all rights to surf onto the waves of my intellectual belongings. I’ll take you to glaciers that do not melt away like the heart I put behind bars.

Come with me to all the places I’ve got to show, imbibe the raw nectar of it from the surface of my unruly mind and put fire to me. Take a step back, maybe two. Watch me burn. Watch be burn down to ashes of nothingness. Touch the ashes, put them on the soft of your palm. Close your eyes now, take a spin.
You’re with me on my journey to nowhere. Do not look back from here, the ‘nothing’ is as certain as the fire that could burn me not. Keep Moving. Close the soft of your palm and give in to the journey to nowhere.

Do you feel me now?

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39 thoughts on “My journey to nowhere.

      1. No. You have a very active mind and notice many details. As artists, we see things most people never see and we can overwhelm with detail. I’ve had this problem more in my painting than writing but still, I have to edit myself and set my adjectives to address the main point and not address the anterior thoughts around it. Does that make sense? Also, you can’t connect with everyone or even with some all of the time. None of us can grasp anything we aren’t ready to understand.

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      1. I have read your couple of posts so I feel you are a gifted writer; truly eloquent. Geniuses have a high degree of self-doubt. I wish you very best.

        LOve and light ❀
        Anand πŸ™‚

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