A little horror story!!


Part1 :

It was a dark Saturday night, her siblings were out to party and her parents had been on a vacation for two days now. She switched off the tv because it made her feel sick and looked for the car keys that had been hidden from her on part of her not having a license to drive. After a magnanimous search, she found them on underside of from where the cross beamed. She locked the doors and went outside just to find that the car wasn’t there in the first place. She panicked and phoned her drunk sister who didn’t care about the lost car. Standing at the door of her house and phoning everyone she could get to, she heard the cluttering of utensils from inside the house. She turned to the door and thought to herself, wasn’t I alone in there? Baffled and scared to her bones, she ran towards the road and yelled in vain. Who would answer her screams at 2 in the morning? Not her mean neighbors. Never them.
Just then the battery of her Iphone gave up and suddenly a car stopped by her making a screeching noise.

^This is the first part of a real horror story. Tell me in the comments below if you liked it and would want me to come up with the second part too?

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35 thoughts on “A little horror story!!

  1. You should definitely continue the second part horror story to this.
    Now, you have my full attention and anticipation for the second part.

    I want to read more and what’s going to happen next. πŸ™‚

    Excellent written story and the structure of your work is amazing & visual. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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