More of the little horror story!!


Part 2 : …and a car stopped by making a screeching noise. To her utter amazement, her parents had come back 2 days prior to when they were supposed to come back, she immediately thought of the deep trouble her siblings were into. Her mother came running from the car and hugged her with all those tears streaming down her cheeks, she was irritated, not able to understand what was happening. She unlocked the house with her heart in her mouth and went inside with her parents who had for some unknown reason, cancelled the trip that they had anticipated for long.
Her mother told her about the phone call she got from her sister crying with the young girl’s name, she couldn’t understand why would her sister do that when he doesn’t care about the car they lost. Skipping the semantics, she told them that they had been robbed of their car. All three of them went outside to the garage only to find the car parked at its usual place. She couldn’t believe her eyes!
Her mother gave her the ‘You are in trouble look’ and she couldn’t make herself speak about what had happened just a while ago, she was certain that no one would believe her. They shuddered the entire incident and agreed it would have been a prank call.

Her mother tucked her in bed and kissed her good night, not aware of what the night had in store for her little princess.

to be continued…


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