My little horror story ends!!


Part 3 :
…what the night had in store for her little princess. Her mother had tucked her to sleep and she had had a long day so she decided to sleep the night off and think about all those peculiar things happening with her later. She was worried about her siblings and the best she could do about it was NOTHING. So she curled on her bed and dozed off. However, the night had different plans for her.
Later that night, she couldn’t find her cat that used to sleep cuddled with her. She switched on the lights and called for the cat, to her utmost horror, her cat slowly walked from across the room and climbed the bed. She almost let out a scream when she saw this :


The paws of her cat were stained red and never had she seen the kitty so quite. She immediately checked if the cat was hurt, but on discovering otherwise, she ran out of the room and out of the house. Why? She couldn’t understand. She turned to the garage and the car was missing again.
Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and her neck, it was as if someone stole all the air so she wasn’t able to breathe. Suddenly, everything started to rotate infront of her and just then, someone pulled her backwards.
“Mom”!!! was all she could manage to say.
She knew she would have to explain everything to her mother and she was upright in doing so. Her mother shuddered it, thinking of it as some teenage fantasy. She never went back to her room that night.
Next morning, it was her first day at the university. She forgot about everything very quickly, she had to look her best that day and she couldn’t risk it. After all, the boy she was in love with had taken the very same course as her. She couldn’t be happier! But not for long.
Β Β Β Β  She had imagined so many heads turning when she would enter the school but nobody seemed to notice her. However, this didn’t lower her spirit for she was waiting for her man to see her. She entered the class, looking for the boy when her eyes fell on a familiar face, him! She waved him a hello, to which he didn’t reply. She flushed but started moving towards him anyway. Just as she was standing nose to nose with him, he passed through her!!! Through her!!!


She couldn’t believe her eyes. She turned around and called for her. She yelled at the top of his voice, she was so loud that she thought her lungs would burst. She tried to touch him, but to no avail. Horrified, she ran out of the college and she couldn’t believe what her eyes saw, her own car that was always missing from the garage was parked in front of the school gates.

Just then, the door bell rang. The television was still on, she realised she had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for her siblings to come back Home. IT WAS A DREAM OR WELL, A NIGHTMARE. She answered the door and hugged them with all the life in her. Later that night when she was on her bed, her cat went missing again…

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41 thoughts on “My little horror story ends!!

  1. A twist in turn or suspense and horror.

    I love this line your wrote on part 2:
    “She unlocked the house with her heart in her mouth”

    That is deep and surrealistic.

    You should really write a novel about this. I can see you making a book and being published and seeing it on the bookstores.

    Thank you for such a story you tell and you tell it so brilliant and with passion. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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