A thousand signals of faith.


WordPress surprised me the other day. I have a thousand likes on my blog now. I started with 0 followers for more than a month and a half and then just 5 followers for the remaining second month. I started writing only for the sake of writing for this is one thing that drives the heat and passion inside me. I had to spit words to form meanings just to satisfy my own palate and also that I had to make it look palpable. Looking out for followers wasn’t ever my thing, however when I started getting likes on the blog, it only boosted me further!
Special thanks to Ame, Jacqueline and My motivator (He knows who he is), they have been my constant supporters for that matter. And my heartfelt gratitude to Pam, she is someone who has comforted me whenever my writing wasn’t letting me sleep. And then I have amazing friends over the blogosphere, Rose and hargun and Trisha ma’am. And there are people who I am missing on, most certainly. 

I want to thank all these people and everyone who has encouraged me to write more and more. Thank you for being my family on this blogosphere.

Love to all. πŸ™‚


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