Home for Diwali!!

What’s better than the comfort and warmth of your own bed in that same old house you were raised in? I know nothing that would feel the same. 

I am home for diwali. For those who don’t know about it, it is the festival of lights celebrated in India. We light diyas, get our homes cleaned and decorate them, none the least. My diwali vacations have begun and I am home after 2 months. To go without eating mom’s food and using my own bathroom has worn me out and now that I am here, nothing feels better.

This was day 1. I wore ethnic to get the diwali feels. Such a dramatic piece of human race I am!

And apparently, my mom is no less. She got my mirror lighted like this. Isn’t it beautiful how mothers know exactly what would make you jump with utmost joy?

Lastly, I am going to be less than active now that I am wild, free and home. Making up for all the lost days of no mom and bad food. Damn the healthy diet! I am going to put on weight but that’s okay. See ya all soon. Love to all.

Happy diwali, bloggers! 

Love and warmth. 😊😊


30 thoughts on “Home for Diwali!!

  1. I love the traditional garb of India. Clothes that are beautiful, comfortable, fitting every size, accommodating, and flattering every figure. Sure beats panty-hose, blue jeans, and tight, short skirts. The best kind of clothes to wear when gorging on Mom’s cooking! Enjoy!

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  2. Ohhhhhh Happy Diwali. I had the amazing opportunity to be living in Jaipur during Diwali in 2008. I absolutely love experiencing other cultures and their traditions. Have a great time, and eat all that wonderful momma’s food.

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  3. Yes I very much tend to agree, nothing wears you out like taking a vacation. Out of sync in all respects. And distracting. Have enjoyed reading about the festival so for my part, thanks for the sacrifice (lol).

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