Diwali magic.


Like I had promised, I’d come back on diwali and tell you how brighter it was this time.

Ephemeral yet indelible, it came and collided with all the darkness and bad energy that surrounded me and my being. It is beautiful how, all your vacuum could be swept away without your wanting and then you feel all your life stinging to a few happy moments that change the closure of it.

I can weave an entire sobriquet design for what impact this festival of light had on me without you understanding it. So let us just begin with scratch. 

Lord Rama (hindu god) along with his wife godess Sita was on an exile when the evil Ravana kidnapped Sita and took her to the land of demons Lanka. However, Rama won back his wife after many lives lost and a long battle. He killed Ravana and was welcomed back to his kingdom as his exile came to an end. The people of AYODHAYA( Rama’s kingdom) welcomed the couple by lighting diyas and decorating their houses. From that day on, hindus celebrate this day with utmost zeal and fervour. We wear new clothes, worship the goddess of money and pray that the light of our diyas cut through the darkness in our lives. We also burn crackers and eat a lot of sweets.
This is a typical diya. We light these all over the house.

This is a rangoli. We make this artpiece on the front porch or the archway using a lot of bright colours. Here, I made this peacock.

We decorated our house with these lights.

I put this henna on. Isn’t it beautiful?


And I wore a typical saree for the occasion. Please tell me how I looked for the night? 😁

And here are the crackers lighting up the entire Diwali sky.

And India wishes you all a very happy diwali.✨✨


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