A place called this.

I’ll take you to a place today, I’m not sure if it exists in my mind or otherwise but you’ll have to come with me to unfold the grappling truth.Let’s go.

There are two roads, one is laced with beautiful red ribbons and full of clemency and grandeur whereas the other is grumpy and sardonic. However, one might make you feel grand, the other is sure to make you stronger than how you’ll start. Both are passive, both will die down. Take the second road, you’ll die strong. 

Now the road ends to a couple of stairs of a crescendo that will do its rounds over you, don’t be baffled by what you see as you descend down each of the stair. Just be careful that you keep your mind open, this again is passive and would never happen to you again. Don’t be tentative here, just inhale the profundity of the moment you are in. Come down slow, like your toes are euphoric with the mud lying on the contours of that staircase. 

The staircase ends in a chamber like structure, you’re alone and it is very very dark. I’m sorry I led you here but now that you’ve come, you’ll have to make your own way out of here. There’s darkness as far as your eyes would see, thwart it and defeat the demagogue. This is your sole struggle, I cannot guide you on how to escape this obnoxious trail, however, I do have a tip for you- Never let loose of the sanguine. Remember all that the staircase told you about, and look beneath your skin, you’ll find a way.

You just did away with the chamber and now is the final corridor that would lead you to the ‘place’. This corridor is going to bring you a lot of scepticism and second guessing. This is your call, to go ahead or go back. But I recommend that you come along. 

Congratulations,you made it. Here is a lush green ground that you’ve just entered. Everything is bright and pleasant. And here’s what you call it, Success! Yes this is success! Being oblivious to the darker side won’t end its legacy but locking horns might bring you to the brighter side of the spectrum. 

The path there denoted what you wanted from life and if you were ready for it yet. The stair case were the various processes you’d have to go through while you are on the voyage to work hard for the realisation of your dreams. The chamber symbolised the bad time you’ll have to break through where no one would be by your side and the corridor was your call to distract yourself or be determined. 

The aegis of the garden is that it is not just a place is my mind. We have a fire inside us, to spat it to the right direction will take you where you are set off to.


20 thoughts on “A place called this.

  1. Great post and you have kept the audience with you right up there on destination after topsy turvy calls. Yes one has to struggle in life to get to the greener pasteurs. But we know the hard work taste sweet at the end. Loved once again the post which has your true original idea

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