If it makes you tremble..


Out of all the sequential ideas that emanate in the mind, jolting with so many others of their kind just so they can forge a flight to the center of the head that forms the mainstream illusion of originality and reliability, I choose the one that can strip me of all my peace and serenity.

And don’t you do that too?

If it doesn’t make you whimper with an undying romance of confusion and extradition of a stereotype that you lay your light on, is it worth registering into the wild flames of your mind? For if it doesn’t scare you or make you scream, it is not what you are looking for.

I might sound like I’m talking about something like love and yes, that’s exactly what it is- ‘something’ like love. They say love happens with the heart and not with the eyes, but I say love happens not with the heart or the eyes, but with the mind. It might not necessarily be a physical human body that you’re falling in love with, it could be something as simple as a job or a summer escape or something as big as an idea of religion. If it does not reflect on every cellular composition of your being, it is not what you’ve always wanted and you should probably walk away from it no matter, how absurdly apt it may seem. 

You don’t necessarily need to go with what another mind of another body set in the middle of another story think is right, you choose your own right. If it doesn’t make you wake up with zeal and excitement in the morning, it isn’t the job you should be spending energy on. No, your passion lies elsewhere. If it doesn’t make you cry at the sight of it, it is not where you’ve wanted to go for vacation. Your mind is so much more expanded than your own world, then why follow someone else’s lead and end up settling for anything less than your own mind’s endevour. Walk away from it and stop only when you find your own supplement. The reason why I call it supplement is that it should bring you to your edge, to a point from where there is no scope of a getaway, no need either.

Fall in love with what your mind brings to you and fall in love with your mind. Find what you love and let it kill you for then you’ll see how black merges with white and illusions escape into something meaningful.


23 thoughts on “If it makes you tremble..

  1. Hey, I’ve been missing you.:0) This is a very polished piece. I think this has been brewing for sometime and finally, reached its peak. So it seems to me… I want to think about it for awhile but what stands our to me is your love for a challenge. Creativity is always a challenge to self. Purpose is the constant which takes time to find.

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  2. You definitely have a mind full of ideas boiling to come out. You always have something that will send the mind to work thinking. Well done. Like others, I miss you when I don’t see you. Then I ask myself if I am not being selfish wanting her around all the tines. Have a great day.

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  3. Great eloquent post. Reminded me a passage that says more eloquently than what I can. From Herbert Blau in “Bring Up the Bodies: Theater at the Vanishing Point” (1982):

    “The actors in the group KRAKEN are vivid with their bodies. They can literally act standing on their heads. But the validity of what is acted doesn’t depend so much on the physicality — there’s plenty of that around, a mixed blessing — but rather on the virility of mind in the method. To shift from mind to matter: in pro football, after all the running guards and tight ends became great physical specimens with extraordinary agility who could do the forty in next to nothing, there was not much to chose between them when they lined up. After that, as Vince Lombardi observed, “It’s all mental.” And there we are being intellectual again. For that there is no playbook.”


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