That wave.Β 

There are times when a wave of unscrupulous emotions hit you on the center of your chest and settles there like it belongs there, like it has come back home. It settles so neatly over the facade of your body, underlining the contours of your bones like it is parading with the surface of your skin with all the air that you push in to your lungs. No matter how many fights you forge to repeal it, it holds you like the sun holds its place to the east. Sometimes, there comes a wave that changes how you breathe and you imbibe it and more so, accept it in ways so peculiar, you lose yourself to an ecstasy of a sort.  

  Your intrepid self fights the mere existence of this wave, bolstering it to refurbish the damage already done. A kind of damage that’s far beyond repair, it is like being poisoned not to die but to live. Live a life of slavery and disambiguous emotions and be ingenuous to the wave that is determined to launch itself on the crest of your heart.

Some waves just change how you look at life.
And hey, I’ve been sitting here. Isn’t it beautiful?



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