From across the border

Hello there, my fellow compatriot from across the border. I’ll tell you stories about shelling of mortar, but that you’re well acquainted with as it is, come then, combat boots to fences might drill,
I’ll tell you how our camels walk, how does goat mingle with the flock. I’ll tell you how our flowers bloom, how our stars twinkle in gloom and more about the world this is, lives of steel, would you resist?
I’ll tell you how are kids fly kites, how they ensconce with winter snow fights. I’ll tell you what they understand about war, and more about their father’s withered corpse. I’ll tell you what blood means to them, and what does means a martyred gentleman. 
I’ll tell you the secret from inside a womb, the world the mother held is now swooned. I’ll tell you how pride flows down her cheeks, married to him she was just for a few weeks.

I’ll tell you about the mother who has known, resplendent smoke from his body that’s blown, into pieces that bleed patriotism. I’ll tell you how the border had set a battleground, calling her son to bow.
Now I’ll tell you about the son of the soil, the one who chose to fight the turmoil. I’ll tell you about the life he never owned, more about for the pain that in he moaned. 

I’ll tell you about the months he was away from home,and away from dear life his tanker groaned. 


32 thoughts on “From across the border

  1. I think every border in the world is chaotic right now. I think it serves political megalomaniacs and traffickers to keep them in turmoil. I have so much built up in me over this subject that I could take each line of this piece and expound upon it multiplied manifold. It’s very well written but evokes so much personal emotion that I can barely get through it. You are brave to choose it as a subject.

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    1. I wanted to dive into deeper dimensions of the subject but I’ll wait until it is ripe inside me. There’s so much anger to be thrusted out that I cannot find the right words to not make it sound very very offensive. Aah!
      I’d love to read something about this subject from you, Pam. Thank you for coming by. Love and warmth. 🙂

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      1. I wrote about it a lot in the past and I received a personal letter from the White House. It was polite but the intent was clear. These are times when truth is heavily suppressed and speaking it comes with a high cost. There is a great deal of wealth and power at stake that relies on dysfunctional chaotic borders.

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      2. Yes, the truth is heavily suppressed in this age of information. What an oxy-moronic tragedy that is! I think a wall will fix it! lol! A very high wall around D.C. The bullies have made such a mess of simple people lives, all over the world. We are all border crosses or future border crossers. They move us here and there like pawns. Sorry, I should avoid talking about politicos, it brings me down. There is no hope in politics and think God allows it as a powerful display of evil and what we should choose not to be.

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      3. I did write about this recently, in a poem called “Hey, Mr. Tecalote'”. The chaotic southern border of my country and the powers that feed themselves by it effects every area of my life. It effects everyone but I live near enough to detect its source.

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      1. Lame,
        Nothing wrong with Alito (in my eyes) other than his appointment skewed the court, especially because he replaced a swing vote. In terms of the various roadblocks President Obama could face in the nomination process, I’m going to take the high road because that wasn’t the purpose of this post.

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  2. why is that the other cannot see the other as human as well, that it is amazing realization that the one on the other side has loved one, feeling looks up at the night sky filled with stars? borders, the invisible ones, you so evocatively express, are the most difficult to cross.

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