I’m back!

Hello everyone. I’m sorry that I’ve been off for quite a while. I know I’m apologising for the same reason quite too much but I have engagements that exhaust the life out of me, the latest being the college fest. But ah, it was worth all the pain. I participated in the debate competition and have probably won something, results awaited. Also, I was appointed as a volunteer to look after all the cultural programs that take place within the premises, and that broke my body to shreds. And guess what? Menstruation had to lock horns with me at the very same time. It was a rough week I’d say but I think I found a man who is not just a man, he’s so much more. Not giving in to love this time though. I’m gonna see where life takes me.

And, I missed you all. Let me just go through all your profiles so that I can see what all fun you people had without me. 
Love and warmth to all.



17 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I m black !
    It was catchy head line for me n i read your post till last….but head line was only connected to your cloths(photo) but not with you post…..could u solve it …???

    Likha vaise apne achha hai…bas

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