And the galaxy cracked…

That fall, we made love like animals. We made love so fierce that the galaxy cracked in some places and then came crashing on our bare bodies, some pieces of which lay scattered on the white sheets until the dawn came and you left in discretion. That night was absolute, full, savage. Your gritted teeth wandered down my naval to the inside of thighs, making sounds similar to the screeching sound that my broken window pane makes when it comes down in connivance. Our bodies moved in synergy, like dancing to an ethereal symphony. My body smelled of smoke and liquor and you. Your body smelled like ash. You made your way inside me making me feel like I was possessed, taken, destroyed, broken, all at once. I tasted the clouds, the stars and the dust. You ate the universe, raw and erotic. And then, you ate me. Bite by bite. Piece by piece, and you swallowed me whole. I guess I broke a leg while you gulped me down your throat, it hurt me for days after you left. 

And Now that it is fall again, the galaxy gazes down at me with stark light in its eyes. 


25 thoughts on “And the galaxy cracked…

  1. Wow! How so very provocative and rhythmically erotic … poetically passionate and so full of life! There are many people, to be sure, who would very much like to be able to describe such a night as this. Well done!

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  2. Powerful and full of unyielding emotions. Memories such as these are both hurtful and a blessing for few experience this depth of emotions. A new galaxy exists offering limitless future experiences. Enjoy each and every one.


  3. riveting. powerful. evocative. provocative. I found this, very good writing. beautifully paired with the photograph, great choice. And, yes. it took some courage to post this on WP. I say, Good for You!!! more writing in the stars for you? cheers, Debi

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    1. Yeah, whatever we write is taken as something that happened to us in the past, present etc. However, this was totally a work of fiction. But I did not mention this on purpose, I wanted to know how people would react.
      Thank you Debi. I really appreciate your positive comments. Love. 😊

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      1. you’re welcome. I did consider the ‘reality’ possibility; but geesh, I know just how rich my own imagination is!! so I really felt like it could quite easily be – pure fiction as well. lol
        But regardless. either way. Brilliant Writing.

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