Humanity is a vermin

Inequality is the measles of mankind. It is the chronic ailment of heart and soul, of intellect and of mind. It is a curse to the cause of Populism. It is an assault on the ideals of humanism, sensitivity, fraternity and brotherhood. It is the assassination of Pluralism and defeat of compassion towards fellow humans. It is the end of the essence of human civilizations and of all the past achievements and future endeavors.

The brutal killing of humans based on their sexual interests or the ruthless culling of naive and innocent animals just because their very existence becomes troublesome is a testimony of degrading human sagacity.

Genocide is inhuman, no religion inclination can justify its actions in the name of certain ideals that vary from person to person. The same holy book is read by two individuals, one becomes a saint and the other a sinner and we blame religion for what a handful of brain jammed individuals preach and practice. What remains, remains on the earth itself so the very concept of killing and qualifying for the heaven is obsolete and spiteful.

Similarly, a state or the priveleged few cannot deprive the innocuous animals of their habitat and then recklessly kill them for decimating theirs. We’re invading their homes and expecting them to foresake it all.

OH DEAR HUMAN, LET NOT THE SPIRIT OF YOUR EXISTENCE DIE in fielding and defending anything of little pertinence to humanity.






13 thoughts on “Humanity is a vermin

  1. wow….. flaming. and you knew it as you wrote the words anyway. that takes a truck load of courage. that title… oh my! the first line, oh dear. But, I kept right on reading. To see, where you were headed in all of this. And I found…. a plea for compassion at the core. Sadly, I don’t quite think man will overcome, what I perceive to be – Greed and Fear, In Masquerade – …in order to cease the atrocities. maybe, but it would take … a miracle though.

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  2. These are the sentiments that must be shared by the world. We have so much more in common than that which divides us. We must stop focusing on the trivial and pursue a greater meaning in life that benefits all of us. In the end, we either destroy each other or learn acceptance and live peacefully together. This becomes our choice.

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