Back to pavilion. ☹️

Hello there! How has the blogosphere been while I was away? 

I am back to the place where I study and live by myself. I was away because I was traveling and putting some important documents together. And now that I’m back here after a month’s vacation, I feel lonely and wasted.

That is my sad goodbye face. I miss my home, my beautiful room and all the food my mom cooked for me everyday for a month. And I miss the comfort and warmth of my father’s arms. Oh god, why am I back?

I had been relaxing for a month and now that I’m back I feel so naive. So much to do and I don’t feel like getting out of bed at all. I’ve been under covers all day. I wanted to go out but it just wouldn’t stop raining. Aaaaaaaaaah, I miss you mom.

Oh but hey, on my last day at home..I learnt to ride a bike. Finally!


37 thoughts on “Back to pavilion. ☹️

      1. My doctor’s nurse told me that the MRI of my brain ‘showed a mass and atheroschlerosis was proven’ but I don’t know the details yet. I’ll see the doctor on Wednesday. I also, had CT’s of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis that I haven’t gotten results for yet. I thought I had nerve damage because of the symptoms I’ve been having but I guess it’s all in my head. I think I’ve been having small strokes. It’s all kind of overwhelming. Take good care of your self while you are young…but have fun too.;-} Thanks for asking. I’m glad you are close to your parents. I miss my kids too even though they haven’t been kids for some time now. The economy here is dying so, my kids are all having to move away. It’s going to be strange but they are always with me in my heart and never far from my thoughts. I’m sure your parents are the same.

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      2. Oh Pam, my heart goes out to you. I wish you get well soon and there are no further complications. And I hope your children visit you soon so that mommy Pam gets well real soon. Sending truck loads of love to you.❤️

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  1. I can completely relate with you in this.But you know,the missing part will be over soon and before you know,you are again comfortable in your own sweet zone.:)

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  2. I love this post. What I’ve learned in life is we have to get the courage to do not just the things we like but the things we have to do whether we like them or not. It’s so nice for every child to stay with their parents and enjoy their love and care but life demands that one gets away at one time or one doesn’t grow up.

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