Wedding bells!

No no, I’m not getting married. I’m too young, wild and naive to tie the knot yet. I was off the blogosphere for a week because I had to attend a destination wedding in Jaipur, one of the most beautiful cities in India. The journey was long and I got my tickets just an hour before I was supposed to board my train. But what fun I had there was worth all this pain.

Since we had a lot of time before attending the functions, we visited some really good tourist spots. These pictures are of the “Hawa Mahal”, it was beautiful. Jaipur does have the finest architecture. 

The first day went quiet well. We ate the traditional Jaipuri lunch and went shopping. The markets are so cheap!

Oh, and we attended the Engagement like this!

We visited Albert Museum, City palace and Water palace the following day. And we ate the best non vegetarian food ever. Have you tried the Indian chicken yet? 

These pictures were taken in the City palace. It has beautiful gates with beautiful prints.

Isn’t the door beautiful? And oh, that is a traditional Jaipuri cap I’m wearing. 

On the last day of my Jaipur trip, I went to the Birla temple which is absolutely amazing. The architecture is beautiful and smartly designed. There’s a myth about this temple, the construction work shall never stop for if it stops, it will lead to destruction.

This trip was the break I needed from all this mess and chaos. I am back now and I feel so sorted and relaxed. A getaway can turn out to be a stress buster. And everyone out there, please do visit Jaipur once. You’ll love it here. 😀


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