And then one day…Part 2.

Why are you doing this?”, I shut his bedroom door behind myself.
“Doing what? Why are you here at this hour? Go to bed, Harry.”
“Oh you cannot run away today. You saw this coming, didn’t you”? 
“I’m not answerable to you”, he said crawling under covers and turning off the lights while I was still standing in the room with my eyes red and my face fuming. 
“Enough is enough. I don’t understand why you and mother are working harder, giving up all the little comforts that we possessed to people who just loiter around the house and don’t even move their hard jack ass.” I screamed but to no avail. The lights were still out but as it is, stubbornness was in my genes so I kept standing there, sporadically blurting out offensive things so as to provoke the man into screaming out all the answers to me.

 Just then, I heard soft sobs coming from the direction opposite to where I was standing. I opened the door to check who that was and found the little girl of the family sitting at the door step, her face washed and eyes moist. Shame washed over my face, I was embarrassed. I turned to my father, this time more humble and polite but all I could hear was fake snoring. I gave up and banged the door with all the power that my lean hands had garnered from the gym at school. I looked the girl in the eye, and all I could say was sorry. She started crying harder and I ran straight into my room, scared of being caught in the act of making “the little angel” cry. 

Ugh, I was so irritated with everything so I just lay in my room that night. Wide awake, looking at the ceiling as if it were a galaxy. I don’t know when slumber took me in but I did plan in my head what I had to do the following day. So I dressed up, tied my shoe lace and showed up in the living room where the 2 of those kids and my sister were waiting for me.

I’m sorry for writing the second part so late. I have been very sick lately. Please bear with me, you lovely people. For reference, you can read my last blog post. The third part will conclude the story. Enjoy. šŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “And then one day…Part 2.

    1. That’s a word I’ll take from you. I’m really not able to keep up with bad health. I’ll come back with another part whenever my health allows me to.
      And thank you for the appreciation, Jac. Much love. ā¤ļø


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