Terrorism ๐Ÿ˜ถ

If we cannot supersede our personal glitches and fight terrorism as one, we have failed the concept of globalisation and the essence of cooperation. And we as nations, have attacked humanity by indirect means and partially-fulfilled agendas.


21 thoughts on “Terrorism ๐Ÿ˜ถ

    1. Nations have to come forward and fight terrorism as one. They need to, it’s high time. And yes of course, religion has nothing to do with terrorism. But those bastards use religion as a tool to preach hatred. That’s what jihad is.

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  1. Religions were formed for a purpose many years ago. Maybe, when it began, the agenda was humanitarian; we wouldn’t know. They should have prepared an off switch too. BY pulling it, all this should end somehow. Today everything is power or money oriented or a load of crap like terrorism. Faith isn’t faith anymore.It is a parrot’s tale repeated throughout generations until no one has any clue what is happening.

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  2. A lasting solution to terrorism, long term not immediate is education. The evil people are evil because they have been educated to be evil. Enough was not done when they were young to instill good in them. We can only replace evil with good and education is the only way to instill good in the human mind and heart; and when there is good in the mind and heart, it will be manifested through action.

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