Happy Rakhi! 

Hi fellow bloggers,Today I’ll do a brother appreciation post on the occasion of Raksha bandhan. This festival is observed all over India with utmost zeal and fervour. On this day, girls tie a thread to the wrist of their brother and the brother promises to protect the sister in return. I am blessed with many wonderful brothers so I really am loaded with presents today and more than that, at a time when people usually are not able to make time for family, this festival reunites us folks.

I’ll show you what a rakhi (the thread that we tie to our brothers looks like).

The brother I want to appreciate today is someone who’s not related to my family in any way but is certainly, more than family to me. I met this person when I went to study in another city, Bhopal. One whole year passed and we did not interact with each other, I was resistant to almost everybody in that college and usually spent all my time either reading or talking to one sole confidante that I had. But god bless that soul confidante who moved a little farther away from me and gave enough space to this one person. His name is Suyash Bhatt. Here’s my handsome brother :

And he has a purpose in life and that’s music. His existence revolves around the very essence of music. And although he does not prefer to sing very often, he has one of the most comforting voices. 

He has been my backbone for a year now. He in a way, changed my life for good. Girls usually talk about prince charming and hot boys who sweep them off their feet but here, a brother did the job. Suyash bought along two beautiful friends in my life, Rajat and Arham. These three people are responsible for all the sanity that’s left in me. Suyash has been there, in good times and bad. He has seen all sides of me and has made me feel home away from home. He is that one person who I’ll go to when I’ve fought some seniors or landed myself into some deep shit. He is my one stop-shop. He protects me like my guide in life and walks with me like a shadow. Lately, we’ve grown apart owing to some misconceptions about each other but I know that’s temporal. I know we’ll find our way back to each other. 

This post is to tell him how much he means to me. I love you Bhattu. ❤️


18 thoughts on “Happy Rakhi! 

  1. Extraordinarily beautiful tribute of love during an outstanding, deeply meaningful festival. I must say, this would be an amazing, blessed festival for all of us to celebrate… I wish we did so in my country! Also, of course, I am so happy that you have your special brother, Suyash Bhatt. Happy Rakhi to everyone in your country!

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  2. When I saw the photo of the hairy arm and bracelet, I thought, Wow, “Sakshi needs to shave!” LOL. I know now it’s your brother’s arm. 😀 How lucky you are to be surrounded by people who love and protect you — as they should, for you’re a precious gem! xo

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  3. Ah I have always wanted a brother. (My sister is awesome. But apart from that. :)) But you know how difficult it is to find brothers who aren’t blood related 😛 So yaayy you! 😀 The rakhi is wonnnnderful and hope he likes your awesome gesture of tribute:)

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