Nothing romantic about pain! 

It is such a sad thing to know how people have romanticised pain and suffering. Pain is pain, it is intransigent, unavoidable an insidious. There can be nothing rosy and perky about it. Poetry is inspired from pain or so they say but pain is not poetry, it can never be. And you know why? Because there is nothing beautiful about Pain and suffering. You cannot embellish it with eloquence and make it look like isn’t that bad. Pain has forms that can break the very foundation of your being. It can bleakly damage your soul and strip you off all the sanity and serenity that’s left within you. And if you believe that there’s something good about pain which could be romanticised and presented like a gordon of a merry picture, remember, it won’t seem that rosy and merry when it comes to you. 
Have you ever tried talking to a refugee from Syria who lost his home, his family, his friends and all his money? Does it look like he would appreciate if you would just present his agony through a lesser brutal phrase of eloquence? Nope. Not at all.

And death? Death is death. You lose someone forever and there’s nothing good or beautiful about a loss. Life is brutal but death is the dead end. Everything ceases with their departure. It is not romantic. It is painful, it makes you feeble and helpless and what not. Separation can never be beautiful, never at all.
There is nothing romantic about pain. I repeat, nothing romantic about pain.


10 thoughts on “Nothing romantic about pain! 

  1. If anything, PAIN is often a mechanism of CONTROL during some forms of “intimacy.” Pain certainly has a place in life. It protects us when awareness is lacking. It helps redirect our thinking, attitudes and behaviors. It has PURPOSE, but none of which is romance. Well written.

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    1. I agree. Pain is phenomenal, for sure. This is a cycle of happy days followed by sad days which again are followed by happy days. The cycle should never cease to repeat itself because pain teaches us a lot about life.
      Thank you so much, doctor. Love. 😀


  2. Totally agreed! Well said. I’ve also seen that it takes experience for some people to understand others in pain, or they just seem to brush aside the emotions as insignificant or trifle.

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