That hug?

Growing up, love for me has always been the idea of hugging someone. No, not just hugging them, but embracing them like it was meant to be the last parting hug, with that intensity and fear of losing someone. You know, people kiss, make out and have sex but that is not intimacy. Not according to me. Touching their bodies has a lot to do with the need, sexual, emotional? I do not have an idea but touching their souls and literally their hearts has a lot to do with want, how madly you want them? Show them. Hold them so tightly that you embrace their insides,so that you are able to synchronise your heartbeat with them and so you know how hard they breathe when they’re around you. See how their breathing pattern changes as you clasp them harder and warmer. Do not try to let go sooner than them, notice how long they hold you so that you know how much they’ve always wanted to be so close to you. Try to steal a glance and see if they’ve closed their eyes or not. Take all the warmth they have to give and give back just as much, for whatever that is worth. Try to satisfy the appetite of their hearts and yours. See how that work wonders. At a time when nobody has time for themselves, let alone other people you would never know how bad someone wants to hold you. Try to steal an eternity from a few moments, try to steal a little bit of life from their arms. You’ll know what intimacy feels like. 

Hey, since I cannot hug you lovely friends from the blogosphere..I’m sending a virtual hug.

Also, tell me who did you hug last? 


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