I’ve been into the swathes of body shaming and back. The world is a limited space with some set standards of physical appearance forced onto us as ‘must haves’. The notion of physical attraction has been corroborated with stupid perfection-mired requirements that are cutting through our self-esteem and destroying whatever little was left of our confidence. 
I’m 20 and over 12-15 kgs over-weight. I have stretch marks on my arms, my hamstring, my abdomen and even on my waist and chest. I am not very tall and I have fat thighs that touch when I walk. My hair aren’t perfect either, they don’t stay in place even for a couple of hours. But so what? I have seen people, women more than men, drifting into a major depression because of body shaming. I’ve been through the humiliation of being called fat and looked upon as someone who is a complete mis-fit.

Like any one else, I have always wanted to stay fit and be attractive and have people looking at me at least twice. I’ve envied all the lean girls in my class wearing whatever dress that they find pretty. Unlike them, I had to spend hours on shopping because I couldn’t find a top that would not hug my curvy body or a pair of jeans that doesn’t make my thigh fat bulge out. It was exhausting, draining and consuming me, day after day not that I don’t work out or eat healthy, my body has a weak metabolism which makes it prone to putting on more weight than so many other people.
But now I realise that it was more in my mind than in the mind of others. Having being raised right, I was never taught to judge anyone based on how they look and what colour their skin is or what body type they have. However, the world is a cruel place and there are people who would die to get a size zero. I’m sorry but I cannot be one of them. Not today, not tomorrow.

There are people who are slammed for being too thin or being too fat, being too pale or being too dark, being too tall or being too short. We as humans need to love and respect the body we live in. You don’t have to look like Russian models or Kingfisher girls. Don’t starve yourself or eat junk food to gain a couple of pounds. This is a world where nobody accepts anybody, you can at least be nice enough to accept and respect the way you look. Be confident, take pride in who you are. And stop being offended with people calling you fat or short or thin or whatever, You should not see anything wrong with being any of these. 
Please just know, your body is the greatest gift of god to you. Don’t curse it because you’re directly assaulting your mind in that process. Balance your living. Eat what you feel like, wear whatever you want to wear. Exercise when you eat a pizza, run an extramile when you want to let go of the stress and please, say no to BODY SHAMING.


8 thoughts on “NO BODY SHAMING!

  1. Agree with you fully. We are all born different, some acquire certain features too as they grow up, but that is what defines us! Why be ashamed of who were?

    I have a dark skin, and have suffered at times too…not anymore though!

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  2. I agree completely with saying NO to body shaming. I also agree with your recommendation for BALANCED living. Achieving this goal, however, requires the right mindset.

    I do NOT think it’s a good idea to exercise because you’ve eaten pizza. Doing something constructive BECAUSE you’ve done something destructive certainly BALANCES the “physical” equation, but doesn’t improve the method of achieving BALANCE in LIFE. Exercise because you VALUE your health and well being is a much more positive message to reinforce this activity. Eat pizza because you like it and want to satisfy a REASONABLE choice. Consider eating it AFTER you’ve had an entire healthy meal. You will want less AND you’ve already provided your body with essential needs for good nutrition. Using your MIND to create good healthy results can be simpler than it appears. Choosing to follow patterns of behavior that have repeatedly failed in the past, however, makes the task significantly more difficult.

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