Jingle bells!

Guess who tried being in santa’s shoes and fulfilled a few wishes?

I’ll keep the christ from Christmas.

I hope the following year is a period of wonderful transformation in your lives. May you live in a healthy body and your family becomes the happiest in the world. May you have a beautiful mind and absolutely stable mental health and may you emerge stronger than your strongest excuse to grow and become a better person. May you be blessed with everything you deserve in life.

I’m sending hugs. 🤗

I hope you guys have a wonderful year ahead. 🎈🎈

15 thoughts on “Jingle bells!

      1. I’m 21 and I’ve been writing since childhood. I used to write diaries when I was little but then it got more sophisticated with time. I think I write decent now but my thoughts are scattered. I love how there are no crests and troughs in your thought process. It just flows.

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      2. Oh, I had many depressive episodes or ‘dark night of souls’ in my twenties and the last one was in 2016–most dramatic and transforming–I used to scribble a great deal when I was your age but reading your very first post I found you ‘eloquent’ –it was in 2015 I guess. Writing rapidly helps gain ‘peaks’ and aha moments which feel blissful.

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      3. I know. I was called a psycho, whacko, babaji, genius, guru and so on as I was mostly scribbling sitting in a corner in my class. But I somehow managed to come out top of the class in the end–though I kept low-profile as keeping a high-profile had seemingly landed me in trouble.
        I feel you might have read about it or heard others saying it–physical activity is a must if you want to stay floating–depression is such a dark place that we can only see its darkness only when we move out of that cube. Physical activity can’t be sustained unless it’s meaningful in some way–gardening, helping someone without expecting anything–emptying trash bins–etc–but not creative activities which are merely mental–they help only when combined with vigorous physical activity. Our body-minds were designed to be exhausted by a lot of physical and mental activity and time seems like a gigantic enemy unless we employ ourselves meaningfully.
        I am sorry for having hijacked your comments section but it felt important to say this. Much love and light!

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