Over time I’ve learned that there is always going to be someone who will look for the flaws in you, put them on a rock and throw at your face so that you bleed of self-loathing and start demeaning yourself. I’ve learned that you can never be enough for someone even if you put your heart and soul into them. You can bring the moon and serve it to them on a plate and they’d still not be satisfied. You see, it isn’t you. It’s them! The void inside them is a shapeshifter and hence, they cannot settle for anything even if it has the potential of making them happy.

People have their own ways of making you feel as small as a sand grain even if you’ve tried to break mountains for them. They fail to see the love because their eyes aren’t set on one thing. They are lost souls with minds into the space so you will never be enough. You could be the brightest star in the galaxy and still not good enough. It’s the eyes, it’s not you. You’re enough, you’re the best that there is or could be. You’re nothing short of being the physical form of love and happiness and those who don’t see it, don’t have to be shown. Learn to draw that line. Don’t let them throw that rock on you. Move away. Make a way for them to aim at someone else because that’s all they can/will do.

29 thoughts on “Enough?

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      1. How can you still be dealing w all of it? It has been so long. Has no one been taking care of you, in a way, it should be taken? I have forgotten many things, but i seem to remember all the lil time, i’ve spent w you. You were adorable and v stubborn, but also v sweet. Also how is that guy of yours? And you can call me oggy, right here 🙂

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      2. Things around you seem to have changed, but you haven’t, lil one. It’s sad, that a smile as beautiful as yours, is still nowhere to be found. Now i would write a poem, for you, but ill save it for later. Take care of yourself and please oh please, dont stay like this. Your smile is wifey material and so are you. Work on yourself and achieve all that you desire.

        with love


      3. And feel free to email me, if you ever feel low. I’ll spend all the time, I’d have writing for you, just so i could glimpse a giggle! And dont stress. It’s all in the mind. Fight it. You’re beautiful, cute one. If not to anyone, atleast to me!


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