If all falls down?

Some days you wake up and everything starts to feel overbearing. You feel like the the sky will develop cracks and come down on you and so, you spend the entire day worrying about it. Whether you’re watching a movie or having a hilarious conversation with a friend or reading something beautiful, your heart is set at the sky. That’s how you miss out on important little things in life. Let the sky fall down on you, at least you would have lived life to its full potential before that happens.

Even crushed under the enormous weight of it, the last things you’ll remember will be the beautiful verse of the poem you read earlier in the day. The thing is you cannot stop the sky from falling if it decides to, all you can do is make the best of the time that you have before that finally happens. It isn’t a good idea to die before you actually die or fail before you actually fail, contextually. Failure isn’t a challenge, death isn’t scary. It’s the opposite. Think about it.

Ps. I write about things that I want to do but I cannot do. With time, I hope I’ll see the light too.

17 thoughts on “If all falls down?

  1. Even postscript is poetic, my my what’s happening! The image is wonderful and the anthropomorphic sky deciding to break is beautiful reminder of a story I read as a very young child. All animals were running helter-skelter as sky was about to fall(even the initiator of rumor was running along with others!) Thanks for this wisdom!

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  2. Our perception often creates the reality we live. Recognizing we have the ability to alter our perception is the first step in creating a different outcome. Actively pursuing change versus passively waiting for change places the individual in greater control of the situation. Life is not easy either way… it is, however, more meaningful (more often) when we choose to navigate the journey.

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  3. I read pure wisdom in your work. It speaks poetry and this line got me:

    Failure isn’t a challenge, death isn’t scary.

    True. Humanity must not fear one or the other, it is life’s of what we make it out to be and the struggles we face the more we learn about the tough roads ahead. We must not fear it but challenge ourselves to overcome fear.

    I really love this post. 🙂

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