The F word.

The text in the above image was written by me and this is my personal opinion. I’m not referring to all men here because I personally have had the privilege to be good friends with men who were feminists. However, I am vociferously referring to a LOT of men. The only F word that shuns them away is Feminism even if they fail to ascertain the true meaning of it.

What prompted me to write about it is an incident that happened the other day. I had gone out for lunch with a male friend. When we asked the waiter for the bill, he handed it over to him directly. I wish I was overthinking the entire scenario but when he put the bill on our table, he gently pushed it towards the only man on the table and said : “Your bill, sir.” I felt so small at that moment. I felt as if I was destined to feel this way because I was born with a vagina and not the holy Dick. I was apparently presumed to be the one feeding on my male friend’s money by someone completely stranger to me. And who knows? Maybe that was an act of courtesy done by the male waiter under the damn bro code to give patronage to the manhood of my friend. Well, the fun fact is that IT WAS ACTUALLY MY TREAT.

I felt threatened and vulnerable like every other woman who is subjected to humiliation and made to feel inferior and less dignified as compared to their male counterparts. It is everywhere. The world as it is has only known two kinds of people : Those who yield power and the other- WOMEN. And now when finally Women of the new age are sabotaging the male dominance, they are being brandished as taking unfair advantage and posing a threat to their entire male community. These people have stopped making sense. I don’t think they hear themselves talking.

Feminism is misunderstood everywhere by all sorts of people, in every part of the world. Women who come and tell me that they believe in Equanimity and not Feminism are obviously missing the crux of the situation. They’re undoing every effort made so far in this direction and furthering the damn Male agenda. The male agenda is not unknown to either of us. I’m a feminist, a proud one. I won’t be deterred by any aggressive male effort because I’m done with feeling like a second or third-class citizen and I want to change how the world looks at me, treats me and what it expects out of me. Period.

5 thoughts on “The F word.

  1. well, I don’t think that I’m a feminist. I think that I’m a realist and I feel zero threat from empowered women. That’s mainly because I’ve worked with and worked for a number of women in my life. And I have no problem with equal pay for equal work. but you and I would go around if I took you to lunch or met you for lunch because “Yes” I would snatch the bill away from you. I was raised that the gentleman takes care of the bill for the meal because to do otherwise is a sign of great disrespect towards the woman that he was out with. so for me it wouldn’t be about trying to belittle you. It would be more of me not allowing or not tolerating anyone trying to disrespect you.

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