The blanket of everything ❤

Everything is such a gargantuan word that it makes me wonder if it would be onerous to hold it on my pinky finger or put it in the last pocket of my tattered bag, it makes me feel like it could be cogent enough for my dog to understand, that cute little thing that likes […]

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If I was a painter…

Colours seduce me, they do uncanny things to me. I was in pre school when I took to amity with colours, imbibing them with naked eyes. At the back of my mind, I always wanted to eat them to get more of them. Stupid, Isn’t it? But I still do want to eat them, the […]

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Today I have been nominated for another award called the Blogger Recogization Award. This award has quite a few rules so without further a do; Here they are: Rules: Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Tonight: Write a post to show off your award! -Give a brief story about how your […]


Night angel. 🌓

If the night was her armour and the dark her friend, she would dance with her shadows in the hazy dale, But they told me that she spread her arms at 5 am, inhaled the universe and its morning air. Night skies seduced her in the way that blew her fantasies like the kite painted […]

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Bubble of Faith 🌌

If anything, faith can be best compared to a bubble. Giving everything away in a tryst, all crystal clear and cardinal. It is empowering and beautiful in semblance. However, greed takes the best of us and we want to touch it, not realising that it is not palpable. And it bursts, leaving nothing behind. Faith […]

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The Window to my Soul ❤

Every day to the east of my soul, The window opens with a whirl of a windy crush, The curtains not pink and lacy, Give nothing away but a space where you could lean in, And peep into my soul that’s been saved. It is worn out and red with all the blood that’s been […]

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Happiness is a state of Mind.

As it is, we run our fingers over the architecture of every beautiful emotion and feel nothing. We walk in the slate of impersonation and invite withering of our soul, draw the curtains to our whims and longstanding dreams and do what has to be done instead of what should be done. No, this is […]

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