Happiness is a state of Mind.

As it is, we run our fingers over the architecture of every beautiful emotion and feel nothing. We walk in the slate of impersonation and invite withering of our soul, draw the curtains to our whims and longstanding dreams and do what has to be done instead of what should be done. No, this is […]

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My love for the Sky ❤

There is something about the sky that makes me put off all conjectures to rest and think anew. It is uncanny how I cannot see this kind of depth in the deepest oceans, but the skies have it. They are so crazy and wild and yet collected and disciplined. I love how they are so […]

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My mental Reality

I cannot fathom the perforated distinctions between the reality of my mental plane and that of my life. That said, both the realities are equally tampered and dreadful. However, the reality of my mental plane is called Imagination by them and I’m quite unsure as of how to castigate them for the same, because there’s […]

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The number game

And yet again, she plucked a strand of a  gray hair peeping through her hazel brown locks like a red signal, only that red signals were meant to halt people. That been said, she never looked in the mirror because whenever she did, she aged a little. Her knees would give up on the mere […]

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Marital Rape :

India has seen different and all the forms of Male chauvinism over the years, and it has made home in almost all the men of the nation in some way or the other so much that the women force looks sublime. But who even cares? The victims are the women, specially wives who are in […]

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The Endangered Juvenile.

Even after all these years, the Indian land is still referred to as ‘The land of snake charmers’ and why not? Setting foot on the moon isn’t everything. It still stands as an epitome of a hyped nation wherein the mass psychology plays the trump card time and again. The December rape case, following which […]

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The opacity that has been drawn over the generation gap between the teenagers and their guardians is solemnly responsible for the cannibalism of innocence in the crudest ways imaginable. But that’s not it, what’s worse is we punish them instead of our failed parenthood. We happen to live in a country where talking about sex […]