The cracks in us.

The human mind is so vulnerable that it kills itself everyday, hides behind the garb of anger and ego and cries oceans upon the death of relationships. It’s like a curse living with a curse, with dreams on the oblong and fear at the heart of it. It is just the right mix of air […]

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A word about my Depression.

This video is 8 minutes long and there are a lot of bloopers too because I literally took no re-take. This is my stand on depression, mental health and what it’s been like for me. Please watch it to know about me and how I’ve been dealing with it. Ps. Don’t give up half way.

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Scared of what?

It is scary to think that my shadow will grow bigger than my actual self and move ahead without me, that it will stop being a myrmidon and seek control. It scares me to be locked in my own mind forever and feel threatened in my own presence until I suffocate to death. It scares […]

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My Sooooper Human 🌸

There are some people, you look at them and you know they would taste like the clouds. I met a person like this too, I call him my Soooper Human and that’s because he’s so good at being a human, so effortlessly good that there have been times when I’ve felt very selfish around him. […]

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Some days I notice the moon has grown bigger and the sky has turned lighter. Some days I sit on the porch with no lights and feel the heaviness that has creeped in my bones over the days of ignorance but at least that reminds me how alive I have been all this while. Some […]



I won’t apologize for not being active for a very long time now. I’ve been battling depression and as it is, I never had the courage to come over, write something and all that jazz. For anyone who has had depression, you’d know even the simplest of tasks become overarching trouble. You stop being social, […]

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Love lost in the summer days..

The air around me is heavy with all the promises you breathed to me in a heartbeat that, I, failed to miss. The smell of soap on your t-shirt so smoky, it fills my throat and hangs suspended there until I gulp down the horrors that I quite didn’t anticipate. I thought summer was beautiful […]

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