If all falls down?

Some days you wake up and everything starts to feel overbearing. You feel like the the sky will develop cracks and come down on you and so, you spend the entire day worrying about it. Whether you’re watching a movie or having a hilarious conversation with a friend or reading something beautiful, your heart is […]

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Over time I’ve learned that there is always going to be someone who will look for the flaws in you, put them on a rock and throw at your face so that you bleed of self-loathing and start demeaning yourself. I’ve learned that you can never be enough for someone even if you put your […]

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Jingle bells!

Guess who tried being in santa’s shoes and fulfilled a few wishes? I’ll keep the christ from Christmas. I hope the following year is a period of wonderful transformation in your lives. May you live in a healthy body and your family becomes the happiest in the world. May you have a beautiful mind and […]

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Shedding them fake friends.

I’ve taken decisions that will come down as house of cards but what is life without a plan, right? So I’ve decided to remove all the toxicity from my life including fake friends and people who are not so good for my mental health. I’ve realised that even if I go in circles around them […]

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Some days.

Sometimes my heart descends to my stomach and burns down everything on my inside until I throw up. However, sometimes it stays in its place and flowers bloom out of it and I smell of roses and jasmine. I stand at the balcony and smoke a cigarette on a cold winter night with bare arms […]

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A 100 splendid dreams

Being active for a while and then drifting into a slumber for a long time is my usual practice so for a person like me, 100 posts is quite a feat achieved. This is just how wide I’m smiling today. I want to thank all you beautiful readers for being patient with me all this […]

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The cracks in us.

The human mind is so vulnerable that it kills itself everyday, hides behind the garb of anger and ego and cries oceans upon the death of relationships. It’s like a curse living with a curse, with dreams on the oblong and fear at the heart of it. It is just the right mix of air […]

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