To be liberated…

I’ve tried too hard to hide myself beneath a garb of apathy and ignorance, I’ve run too fast and too far. I’ve tried to build myself walls that capitulate solitude to me, bound me to the conventional and to the susceptible. I’ve tried to escape discomfort and make it look romantic so that nobody would know. I’ve tried so hard to shut down life on purpose and build a tomb over the grave of my original thoughts, more so, to my vernacular. But after all this time, I want not to be lost but to be found. I want to break these walls and throw the bricks at everyone who did not care to find me while I was hiding. I want to melt down and flow through the crevices of the window panes into the open. I want to unzip myself and expose the oblong of myself to the parallels of the world. I want to break away from the person I had become. I want to be free and not the kind that does what she wants to do but the kind where, let’s herself want more and more out of herself. I want to be..liberated. I want to live more than I used to think I was capable of. 


15 thoughts on “To be liberated…

  1. Just do it..
    Your writing has the audacity.. which is the most important aspect of living a life which is worth appreciating.. . Very very well written.. thanks for sharing

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